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 Kaux the En Shaman

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PostSubject: Kaux the En Shaman   March 22nd 2010, 1:49 am

1. If you have any prior involvement with the Guild/know anyone in guild who can vouch for you.
Kaux grew up leveling with Bru, and I like playing with him, hi Bru!!!
I also know Ferdi, unfortunately Very Happy

2. Why you want to join the guild/What you think you can offer the guild.
My gear has stayed the same for a while, and I need ToTC and ICC to really upgrade it. My current guild isn't quite there yet.
I offer totem power and interrupts!!

3. What progress have you made with end-game instances/list your best achievements.
Done ToTC25 with a random group once,
and ICC10 frostwing quart or something once, again with random group.

4. (a) Your race and class, spec and role/ what is your rotation? explain. (b) Healers and tanks are expected to have an offspec; what is your offspec rotation? explain.
Male Troll Enhancement Shaman
my rotation... uhhh I start with Flame Shock! unlike any other en shaman, but thats cuz I'd rather hit them while I'm 30 feet away than to run there and start with Stormstrike, then I drop totems when I'm almost there, and stormstrike, use my fire nova, then there's no rotation. Fire Nova more often if mass enemies and use Chain Lightning, otherwise use Lightning Bolt > SS > Earth Shock < Fire Nova > Lava Lash, and I try to redot with Flame Shock every 30-45 seconds. I'm good at dropping my dps to throw down grounding totems or interrupts.
I use glyph of wolves because they kickass and save me in a jam when the tank dies in heroics.
I use glyph of fire nova because the AoE kicks ass and spamming it when I'm killing another monster is awesome.
I use glyph of stormstrike because a pretty much constant 8% more damage on all nature spells is a lot.

My offspec is Enhancement pvp. It's not changing, killin alliance is too fun.

5. Your Professions and any rare patterns you may have.

6. Your current gear rating (mainspec/offspec)/what is your basis for gear choice? what do you gem/enchant for?
52something according to the addon,
I'm gemmed for AP, but I have too much haste, but I'd gem for AP now that I realize even if haste = ap, when you lag the least bit, haste < ap.

7. Raid days are Tues/Wed/Thurs @ 8 30 to 12 30 server time for 25s; can you make all these times, ON TIME?; 10 mans are run throughout the week as fits our schedual, you will be expected to find your own group; we usually have 4 to 5 groups running.
Uhhh I tutor, random days, random times. I'm home on Tu/Th 90% of the time then, and Wednesday I play hockey at night, although it will be ending in 2 weeks, THEN in 4 weeks I will have hockey on Thursdays, but may make it back by then.... and yes I'm Canadian

8. Do you have ventrillo? do you have a stable net? you understand if you dc in fights, you will be replaced; if it continues, you might be kicked.
I know how vent works and I have a mic!
I bsod once every 8-10 hours (on average, sometimes worse)!! cuz my computer I built is awesome and loves doing that and I don't know which hardware is the problem. But I be buying alienware top notch soon.

9. Previous guild and reason(s) for leaving.
I want to do more difficult things, randomH are boring.

10. How old are you? Most of our guild is 20 and over. We like to keep raid/guild chat mature. does that suit you?
24 and I plan on flirting with everyone in the guild. Just kidding?

11. Exactly how aware are you that, if accepted, you would be entering a raid group that has been together for a long time, and that you will most likely have to start at the bottom of the totem pole? <---- inserts sex joke here :O
- Raid invites are handed out first to our top raiders, then to our longest standing raiders, then we fill in the gaps with needed classes. Will you be understanding if and when a different person gets a spot over you? If you are invited to a raid, and 2 hours later a different class is needed, will you be OK with stepping down?
I just wanna do difficult things at least once in a while.

12. armory link here please; be gemmed/enchanted properly, if not, dont apply.
damnit, too lazy for that.
my pvp gear is on
and don't laugh at my totem, I wanted to be different!! And I regret it everyday.

13. Any other special notes you wish to include (please read our guidelines to properly answer this question).
for the record I hate doing stuff like this, but decided to bare it, and put my personality in it, so at least I don't feel too nerdy filling out a thing that inquires about my performance as player for a silly ol' game we can't seem to stop playing.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaux the En Shaman   March 22nd 2010, 4:04 am

While you think about it, I think maybe it would even be best if we held off on this for a little bit until I get my new laptop (approx 2 months). The Bsods are quite annoying and I know it will happen in the middle of a raid and piss people off. I'll stay in touch.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaux the En Shaman   March 22nd 2010, 9:13 am

Fair enough.
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PostSubject: Re: Kaux the En Shaman   

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Kaux the En Shaman
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