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 Helpful Addons? Hell yes.

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Helpful Addons? Hell yes. Empty
PostSubject: Helpful Addons? Hell yes.   Helpful Addons? Hell yes. EmptyMay 27th 2010, 12:47 pm

As a Mage theres just 1 thing on our minds, DPS the F**K out of the boss and be #1 on the charts. Although many things can happen that can reduce our DPS drastically: Low Mana, Boss Aggro, not using trinkets fast enough, Trying to find that ONE GODDAM BUTTON (I'm talking to you [Flamestrike]...). Heres some of the Addons I use so I don't miss a beat in DPS:

-Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)- A must have for every raider. DBM will tell you specifically when events happen during a boss fights (Ex: Blood Beasts, Below Zero, etc.)

-Decursive- Makes decuring a snap. Just click on the player's designated raidframe when it goes blue to decurse. Save time by not having to find that 1 person and that 1 decurse button.

-Dominoes- Basic actionbars but on Dominoes you can change the column and rows. I have 4 rows but on each side theres a box 4x3. This gives me easy access to important spells but aren't to far away.

-Mik Scrolling Battletext- Cool scrolling text for battles only these go in arches but have the important stuff in the middle.

-Omen Threat Meter- - Watch your threat on the target because that one spell could be your last.

-OmniCC- Tell you the cooldown on spells/abilities on the actual icon. Helpful when glancing at a trinket to see how much time the CD still has.

-OPie- Very useful in AOE. Simply bring up an array of custom spells you choose in a circle pattern either around your mouse or in the center of your screen. All i have to do is map it and use it. Ex: I mapped OPie to my middle mouse button. I simply move my mouse over where I want to AOE, Middle mouse, click the spell and click on the floor. Simple and fast.

-Quartz- - A cool, customizable castbar. Make it the size you prefer, add custom text and background, its fully up to you. Quartz also has a latency area so you know exactly when to press the button for your next spell without missing a second. A series of .2 second gaps can easily add up in long boss fights.


-_NPCScan- Automatically scans and targets rare NPCs in your range.

-ArkInventory- Organizes your bag/bank by rarity, category, consumable, etc.

-Atlas & Atlasloot Enchanted- Shows a map of instances, location of bosses and loot dropped by specific bosses.

-Auctioneer- Helps you get the best deal for all your auctions as well as sell all your auctions cheaper than the competition.

-BasicBuffHide- Hides buffs on the top right.

-Dominoes_BuffTimes- Shows how much time you have left on your buffs on top of your spell/ability icons.

-Gatherer- Shows locations where other people found specific gathering nodes.

-Grid- Simple raidframes in an organized yet compact frame.

-Recount- Shows your DPS, Damage Done, Healing Done, ect.

-SexyMap- Allows your minimap to be clamped anywhere and add cool effects around your map.

-ShadowedUnitframes- Basic unitframes that can be customized to see only the remaining health of a boss, portraits, ect.

-TipTac- New description bar that gives more info and be moved anywhere to your screen.

-WoW Instant Messenger (WIM)- Basically like AIM for WoW. Keep all your whispers in organized boxes. Great if you're selling stuff and you get 20 whispers at one time. Never lose a whisper again!

If you have any questions or need help configuring, PST me ingame. Very Happy
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Helpful Addons? Hell yes.
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