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 Jellopudding - Elemental Shaman (Transfer+Refaction) App

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PostSubject: Jellopudding - Elemental Shaman (Transfer+Refaction) App   May 28th 2010, 4:17 am

1. If you have any prior involvement with the Guild/know anyone in guild who can vouch for you.


2. Why you want to join the guild/What you think you can offer the guild.

Friends is a high motivator, being the direction of the game, also to actually work on content rather then get a free ride and help the guild's name out. I log on for progression nights.

3. What progress have you made with end-game instances/list your best achievements.

Ive done [just about] everything but my 9 months or so of quitting wow and completely bypassing most of TOC25 grinds, My best achievements? Kil'jaeden kill in BC, my favorite fight anyway.

4. (a) Your race and class, spec and role/ what is your rotation? explain. (b) Healers and tanks are expected to have an offspec; what is your offspec rotation? explain.

Well, most likely going Orc when I refaction--> Goblin in Cataclysm. Elemental Shamans rotation priority FS+LB> CL on CD [outside of blood princes keleseth] > LB til CD's up/FS falls off

5. Your Professions and any rare patterns you may have.

Enchanting + Jewelcrafting

6. Your current gear rating (mainspec/offspec)/what is your basis for gear choice? what do you gem/enchant for?

5954, MS is Elemental/ OS is TBD, been picking up enh gear, and resto gear, but have never really respecced to either seriously.

Gear choices is usually hit/haste crit/haste or pure spellpower gain, haste is a prime focus til around 1350.

7. Raid days are Tues/Wed/Thurs @ 8 30 to 12 30 server time for 25s; can you make all these times, ON TIME?; 10 mans are run throughout the week as fits our schedual, you will be expected to find your own group; we usually have 4 to 5 groups running.

Its just an hour later then my current raiding guild, and i usually stay up til 2am + on raid nights anyways, not much of a change here. If i have some conflict for the ontime part for whatever reason I could easily relay it to Ant/Jess over the phone or to in game GM mail.

8. Do you have ventrillo? do you have a stable net? you understand if you dc in fights, you will be replaced; if it continues, you might be kicked.

Vent Yes, Stable Internet, since Comcast [Comcrap] upgraded the local optical box... much more stable.

9. Previous guild and reason(s) for leaving.

None you would have probably heard of before but here it goes..
Snakes on a Zeppelin - Balnazzar H - Reg-Early BC Reason: Guild disbanded for BC
Sacrifice - Balnazzar H - Late Reg-Early BC Reason : Server/GM sucked
Gentlemen's Club - Uldum H - Early- Mid BC Reason : (rerolled)
Repeat Offender - Uldum A Mid-Mid Late BC Reason : Guild just never cut it
Moskau - Uldum A Late BC- Ulduar LK Reason : Guild Disbanded/Burnt out
Wishmasters - Uldum A Ulduar LK Reason: Burnt out myself//quit the game.
Union - Uldum A - Late LK Reason : Servers crumbling//Been through most guilds worth my time// Friends here// Want to go back to Horde.

10. How old are you? Most of our guild is 20 and over. We like to keep raid/guild chat mature. does that suit you?

25, Wait.... people are mature in WoW?

11. Exactly how aware are you that, if accepted, you would be entering a raid group that has been together for a long time, and that you will most likely have to start at the bottom of the totem pole?
- Raid invites are handed out first to our top raiders, then to our longest standing raiders, then we fill in the gaps with needed classes. Will you be understanding if and when a different person gets a spot over you? If you are invited to a raid, and 2 hours later a different class is needed, will you be OK with stepping down?

Im a shaman, I got a way with totem poles. HNGHHH. [sarcasm] I'm fine with testing the waters with alt 25 or whatever it may be. I got alt's, sitting out isn't gonna kill me, more interested in working for the core spot then anything for progression content then anything. My current alt in guild is Swiftrunner, retired main for instance, so yea.

12. armory link here please; be gemmed/enchanted properly, if not, dont apply.


13. Any other special notes you wish to include (please read our guidelines to properly answer this question).

***As of now, id have to say ETA 3 weeks before I transfer, I already hinted at the GM last month that I was going to transfer to Drak'tharon to play with Outofmana/Abaddon if possible in prep for Cataclysm.***
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Jellopudding - Elemental Shaman (Transfer+Refaction) App
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