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PostSubject: Sepheroth Ret Paladin   Sepheroth Ret Paladin EmptyMay 28th 2010, 5:43 pm

1. If you have any prior involvement with the Guild/know anyone in guild who can vouch for you.
I do not i am still fairly new to this server.

2. Why you want to join the guild/What you think you can offer the guild.
I want to join Darkesthour because the guild looks like a fun loving laid back guild that still wants to progress. As for what i can offer the guild i can offer my skills, experience, and laid back attitude while still dedicated to progression.

3. What progress have you made with end-game instances/list your best achievements.
I have done 10/12 in icc 25 with attempts on Sindragosa to 13% I have done the same bosses on 10 man. that is current end game however in prebc and bc end game content i have done MC - origional Naxx and Kara - BT

4. (a) Your race and class, spec and role/ what is your rotation? explain. (b) Healers and tanks are expected to have an offspec; what is your offspec rotation? explain.
I am a BE Ret Paladin ...... their is no such thing as a rotation for a ret paladin its a combination of FCFS And priority systems .... the priority system changes based on gear ret paladins set bonuses directly affect what your priority should be their for with 5/5 T10 giving me the 4 set bonus i currentlyl use the priority of Judgement of wisdom for mana if this is not first mana will become a fast issue, next is divine storm .... Tier ten 2 set bonus places this as number two in all priority line ups. next is Crusader strike the math on this skill makes it slightly better than Hammer of wrath which i'll gladly explain if anyone likes .... hammer of wrath comes next when its up, after this is my last two major skills however it changes based on enemy type .... if its undead or demon excorcism is next followed by consecration and vise versa if the mob is not undead or demon. this is because of the crit for excorcism vs demon/undead.

5. Your Professions and any rare patterns you may have.
My Professions are JC 450 and BS 410
JC i have STR, SP, ARP, STR/CRIT, STR/HASTE, STAM, SP/SPIRIT and i think one or two more.
i haven't spent alot of time on professions as i like to farm up what i need to be raid ready my professions were chosen to help me in raids and not to make money.

6. Your current gear rating (mainspec/offspec)/what is your basis for gear choice? what do you gem/enchant for?
RET - 5898 gs Gemming STR mainly and STR/Haste for yellow sockets 3.2 made str/haste gems better for ret than the traditional str/crit which we had used up until then.

Prot - 5400 gs Stam gems mostly with one or two hit/stam gems

7. Raid days are Tues/Wed/Thurs @ 8 30 to 12 30 server time for 25s; can you make all these times, ON TIME?; 10 mans are run throughout the week as fits our schedual, you will be expected to find your own group; we usually have 4 to 5 groups running.
Those times work amazingly well for me. I have perfect raid attendance even now with my current guild who raids 10-2:30am and i work at 8am. The guild i am in is great I just can't keep this schedule up for too much longer so I am hoping that Darkest Hour will allow me to find a new home with them.

8. Do you have ventrillo? do you have a stable net? you understand if you dc in fights, you will be replaced; if it continues, you might be kicked. Yes I have Vent and I have a Cable Connection I very rarely get DC'd and when i do get DC'd its usually a serious problem like a thunder/snow storm.

9. Previous guild and reason(s) for leaving.
I am New to this Server I free lanced for a while just getting to know the server and picking up Pugs I am now in Mute and they are a great guild however the raid times are West Coast Raid times as most of them are from California and I am in Wisconsin so it is getting hard to maintain raid times and go to work.

10. How old are you? Most of our guild is 20 and over. We like to keep raid/guild chat mature. does that suit you?
Yes that Suits me I am 27 years old I was in the military so I do slip the occasional cuss word but i try to keep it to a min with my kids around and I know others have kids who can hear as well.

11. Exactly how aware are you that, if accepted, you would be entering a raid group that has been together for a long time, and that you will most likely have to start at the bottom of the totem pole?
- Raid invites are handed out first to our top raiders, then to our longest standing raiders, then we fill in the gaps with needed classes. Will you be understanding if and when a different person gets a spot over you? If you are invited to a raid, and 2 hours later a different class is needed, will you be OK with stepping down?
I like to think that I am very versitile and I know that its about Guild progression and not just my own personal progression. Just like everyone else I do want to progress and want to be their for the progression but in the end it is a team effort "One Team One fight" is what we used to say in the military you do what you have to do and accept the decision of the people above you. I don't mind earning my spot and will work hard to do so and in the mean time if i have to step out of a raid well then shit happens.

12. armory link here please; be gemmed/enchanted properly, if not, dont apply.
going in to put my gear back on i accidently last logged out in my ret pvp gear so i will log back in after i post this and swap that gear my appologies for that.

13. Any other special notes you wish to include (please read our guidelines to properly answer this question).
I think I like this question though i do think i partially answered it already in the guild rules and regs it talks alot about teamwork and not qqing over gear, and as above i stated how i feel about teamwork its number one to me and always has been as for gear i'm already pretty well geared i don't really NEED anything i mean yes their are things that could help me out i could use new bracers and belt with no hit to accomidate my tiny abom in a jar but in all honesty i'm not sweating gear i will live and eventually i'm sure i will get the gear i need besides Skill > gear anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Sepheroth Ret Paladin   Sepheroth Ret Paladin EmptyMay 28th 2010, 6:04 pm

I think I am going to stop crying for not finding a great ret paladin in so freakin long Smile pst me in game. I dont think a lot of ret paladin "get it" but you seem to; Yes ret pally rotation is simple and easy but retards are retards.....
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