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 Fresticles-Survival Hunter

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PostSubject: Fresticles-Survival Hunter   September 17th 2009, 3:14 pm

1. If you have any prior involvement with the Guild.

I do not.

2. If you know anyone within the guild, real-life friend or otherwise.


3. Why you want to join the guild.

I want to join because I am tired of fail guilds, fail pugs, and stupid people ruining otherwise good raids. Just by clearing regular totcs, Darkest Hour is one of the top guilds. And of course, I would like to get gear.

4. What you think you can offer the guild.

I am a fast learner, good with my class, and don't need to be told obvious things like fire is bad. I play often and if I can't make a raid/event I give advanced notice. I also have max inscription and will add glyphs for common specs to the guild bank unless told otherwise. Good ranged dps is often hard to find.

5. Your race and class, spec and role.

I am an orc hunter, survival and BM for pvp. I can always change spec if desired by the guild, I have raided as all three main hunter specs.

6. Your current gear rating, as well as progress you have made with end-game instances.

My gear rating is 2249 and overall is 2361. I have 3 piece tier 9 and 2 piece tier 8. I have done all raids on at least one of my characters except totc. I have only done the first two bosses on totc. I have seen a few videos on totc completions and I think I have the general idea. Before I do a new raid I try to find out as much info on it as possible, I don't like stupid people and have no interest in being one.

7. Days of the week and times of day you are available to raid.

I am available all days of the week to raid although i prefer weekends. Tuesdays and Thursdays anytime after 12:00(server) otherwise 5:00 (server) or later is best. I'd rather a raid not go past 1:00 am but I would stay if necessary.

8. What your character name is, what you want us to call you.

Character name is Fresticles, and that's what I want people to call me. It makes me giggle.

9. any other 80's or alts you may have.

My alts are on alliance, 80 pally, 60 something druid.

10. Any other special notes you wish to include

I am a recent server transfer, I changed factions because there was only one pug every week that could clear a totc and loot was often reserved and that was from the only good alliance guild left. I like to raid, and like raids to be smooth, that's why I want to join.

I have vent, deadly boss mods, and omen, as well as other addons that help like Quartz, Xperl, and a few timer addons. I usually get almost 6k dps in 25man raids. I am pretty easy going. I am currently in a guild but obviously am looking to switch.

Thanks for taking time to review my application.

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PostSubject: Re: Fresticles-Survival Hunter   October 21st 2009, 12:34 am

pst wherewilligo in game; he s co-GM and hunter officer.
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Fresticles-Survival Hunter
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