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 Zauber 80 warlock

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PostSubject: Zauber 80 warlock   Zauber 80 warlock EmptySeptember 27th 2009, 7:51 pm

1. If you have any prior involvement with the Guild. - None

2. If you know anyone within the guild, real-life friend or otherwise. Just Jermayne.

3. Why you want to join the guild. I heard to was a good guild and I thought I would be a good addition.

4. What you think you can offer the guild. A very good raider with perfect attendance, great dps, and a good attitude.

5. Your race and class, spec and role. Orc Warlock, DPS

6. Your current gear rating, as well as progress you have made with end-game instances. 2292, I've full cleared 10man Totc, and gone up to Vezax in Ulduar.

7. Days of the week and times of day you are available to raid. Any

8. What your character name is, what you want us to call you. Zauber

9. any other 80's or alts you may have. 80 warrior on drak'tharon named Narf

10. Any other special notes you wish to include. I've always loved raiding, I full cleared Vanilla WoW, BC, and now trying to full clear Wotlk:D I always come prepared with all available buffs and knowledge of each fight.
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Zauber 80 warlock Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zauber 80 warlock   Zauber 80 warlock EmptyOctober 21st 2009, 12:35 am

pst apocalypto in game.
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Zauber 80 warlock
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