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 Yazzeul-SV Hunter app

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Yazzeul-SV Hunter app Empty
PostSubject: Yazzeul-SV Hunter app   Yazzeul-SV Hunter app EmptyJanuary 6th 2010, 4:04 pm

1. For the most part no.

2. I kind of know gank and ferdi and i know Tarex and burf irl, but these are all people who just joined coming from animus

3. Becauce i would like a guild that can get through the icc content and also because i was in Animus Templem and a lot of their good core members came over i wasn't in for more than 3 weeks but i have raided with them.

4. Some leet dps and someone who doesn't stand in fire :S

5. I am a troll, survival hunter who is a 7k+ dps

6. I am 5194 gs last time i checked, and in terms on progress i have not fully cleared 10 icc yet only the first 3 bosses and up to the 2nd on 25m but i know all the fights. i would probably of cleared both but i have been busy leveling my alt.

7. For the most part i can stay until 11 server more or less depending on if im having issues.

8.Yazzeul,and Yazz i geuss

9. I was in animus templem and because the gm quit everyone left and came to this guild

10. I am not one of those people who stand in fires, i hate when people do that. And i know how to use Misdirect like a lot of hunters don't.
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Yazzeul-SV Hunter app Empty
PostSubject: Re: Yazzeul-SV Hunter app   Yazzeul-SV Hunter app EmptyJanuary 6th 2010, 8:16 pm

Hello Yazz, I took a look at your app. Please send me an in game tell. (Gskill)
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Yazzeul-SV Hunter app
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