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 Afrikow- kitty/tree at it's sexiest

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PostSubject: Afrikow- kitty/tree at it's sexiest   January 27th 2010, 3:20 pm

1. If you have any prior involvement with the Guild/know anyone in guild who can vouch for you.
I know ryla and bogaran in real life we often discuss guilds at school they mentioned u might need a kitty so i xferred

2. Why you want to join the guild.
i need a laidback guild that raids aswell, i go to nursing school work 40 hours a week and need ppl that realize i can't be on all the time, but when i do i will be tearing it up as hard as possible

3. What you think you can offer the guild.
a strong kitty that dps's hard, knows how to brez and can throw offheals and taunts when needed/ also when asked by an officer will switch to tree and heal and support to the best of my ability.

4. (a) Your race and class, spec and role/ what is your rotation? explain. (b) Healers and tanks are expected to have an offspec; what is your offspec rotation? explain.
(a)Druid-Feral cat
open- mangle rip roar
priority que
5shred for fill in
6. bite when roar and rip are topped
bersark at 75% energy and use TF to top up on normal cycle.

5. Your Professions and any rare patterns you may have.
Leather working with rare pats, and jewelcrafting with rare pats

6. Your current gear rating (mainspec/offspec), as well as progress you have made with end-game instances/what is your basis for gear choice? what do you gem/enchant for?
5170 kitty GS i socket ARP and AGI
5k gs tree i socket SPL

7. Raid days are Wed/Thursd/Mond @ 8 30 to 12 30 server time for 25s;Tuesdays @ 830 for 10s; can you make all these times, ON TIME?; in 10s, you will be expected to find your own group; we usually have 4 to 5 groups running.
will be 30min late wed, prolly can make mondays def can make thurs, tues aswell

8. Do you have ventrillo? do you have a stable net? you understand if you dc in fights, you will be replaced; if it continues, you might be kicked.
stable internet and vent

9. Previous guild and reason(s) for leaving.
on smolderthorn- got kicked because i couldn't commit to 5 day progression and got busy with nursing school

10. How old are you? Most of our guild is 20 and over. We like to keep raid/guild chat mature. does that suit you?
22- prefer older and mature. i won't qq, will complain if someone is not up to par but only to a officer or a GM if it is a issue that needs to be addressed

11. armory link here please; be gemmed/enchanted properly, if not, dont apply.
not sure if it is updated yet
it is not i am gemmed and socketed

12. Any other special notes you wish to include (please read our guidelines to properly answer this question).
i like to have fun i like to raid i do wat i do seriously.
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PostSubject: Re: Afrikow- kitty/tree at it's sexiest   January 28th 2010, 10:05 am

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PostSubject: Re: Afrikow- kitty/tree at it's sexiest   January 28th 2010, 6:20 pm

i'll bleed with you all day long!
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PostSubject: Re: Afrikow- kitty/tree at it's sexiest   February 1st 2010, 7:09 pm

Pst me in game, I will pull your profile now.
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PostSubject: Re: Afrikow- kitty/tree at it's sexiest   

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Afrikow- kitty/tree at it's sexiest
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