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 womps 80 troll rogue

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PostSubject: womps 80 troll rogue   February 2nd 2010, 5:09 pm

1. If you have any prior involvement with the Guild/know anyone in guild who can vouch for you.
No i do not

2. Why you want to join the guild/What you think you can offer the guild.
I want to join a good laid back raiding guild that have great raiding times for me, and darkest hour is the one. I can offer the guild a raider that is always on and a guy with a positive/funny attitude. I'm very amusing and nice and i love to play wow so i am on a lot in the afternoon-nighttime

3. What progress have you made with end-game instances/list your best achievements.
I have made it all the way up to saurfang, it may not be the best thing to have in a recruit, but i read up on all the fights and i learn pretty quickly, so i think i could do all the other fights easily or atleast not fuck them up for the raid. I killed rag pre bc before his hp nerf, on shattered hand we were either the first or 2nd guild to do it. glory of the hero before its nerf not that great but w.e. I got all the tier sets from 1-8 full.

4. (a) Your race and class, spec and role/ what is your rotation? explain. (b) Healers and tanks are expected to have an offspec; what is your offspec rotation? explain.
i am a troll rogue, i am mutilate spec and i am dps. I open with a mutilate out of stealth for a overkill buff for the extra energy regen. I slice and dice with w.e combo points i have after that mutilate. I pop HoB obviously and envenom at 4+ berserk normally when lust is popped and i tricks whenever is it off cooldown to another dps

5. Your Professions and any rare patterns you may have.
i am an inscriptionist and an engineer i just rerolled engineer 1-450 yesterday so yeah no sweet new patterns for it yet : /

6. Your current gear rating (mainspec/offspec)/what is your basis for gear choice? what do you gem/enchant for?

my gear rating is 5.1 and my offspec is like 4900 for pvp. My gear choise is the best gear i have been able to acquire, i also have an expertise trinket if i really need it, but i barely miss any attacks and im not dodged/parried that often. I gem and enchant attack power/haste. I do this because attack power scales way better with poisons now than agility did, but i do have left over gems from pre 3.3 that are still in my gear which i dont mind because they still give crit/ap

7. Raid days are Tues/Wed/Thurs @ 8 30 to 12 30 server time for 25s; can you make all these times, ON TIME?; 10 mans are run throughout the week as fits our schedual, you will be expected to find your own group; we usually have 4 to 5 groups running.
Yes i can make all of these raids on time and i will have my flasks and consumables ready. Also a little dough for progression/random rogue deaths

8. Do you have ventrillo? do you have a stable net? you understand if you dc in fights, you will be replaced; if it continues, you might be kicked.
Yes i have ventrillo and a very stable internet. i dont disconnect and i run around 57 fps in 25 raids with around 80 ms.

9. Previous guild and reason(s) for leaving.
It's a group of friends that just play together casually, my schedule cleared up and its going to be clear for awhile so i want to start getting serious about raiding again.

10. How old are you? Most of our guild is 20 and over. We like to keep raid/guild chat mature. does that suit you?
I am 18 years old and mature chat does not bother me, i will most likely be involved in it

11. armory link here please; be gemmed/enchanted properly, if not, dont apply.

12. Any other special notes you wish to include (please read our guidelines to properly answer this question).
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PostSubject: update   February 3rd 2010, 5:56 am

just wanted to post that i reworked my gear around a bit got a few 10 icc pieces and new gloves from 10 voa.... hopefully armory is more updated now
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PostSubject: Re: womps 80 troll rogue   February 3rd 2010, 3:33 pm

Currently we are full on rogues atm. We will keep your application in mind if a spot fills.

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PostSubject: Re: womps 80 troll rogue   

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womps 80 troll rogue
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