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PostSubject: AERIAL GANKING   February 27th 2010, 11:26 pm

Welcome to Part 1 of my HOW 2 ROUGE guide

You will need:
  • Level 80 rogue (x1)
  • Darkmoon Card: Death (x1)
  • Flexweave Underlay (Eng. cloak enchant)
  • Mega-Man Canon (Eng. glove enchant)
  • Two Slow Handed Weapons (2.6/2.7 speed pref.)
  • Use Instant/deadly poison
  • Combat PVE Spec (20/51/0)

All you have to do is fly up next to an ally, and use this combination:

  • Killing Spree -> Sinister strike -> Glove enchant -> Deadly Throw -> Parachute cloak before you hit the ground.

Also, if the ally is not moving you can fly above him and get an extra hit before killing spree!

this video for more details
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