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 Vålis - 80 arcane mage application

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PostSubject: Vålis - 80 arcane mage application   March 3rd 2010, 11:32 pm

I was referred to this guild by Nevor/Arcane, he told me if i was looking for a good guild in which i could raid in this would be a good guild to apply to.

I want to join this guild because in Prodigy i am only a member. I do not have a raid spot in any 10 man group or their 25 man.

i have storming the citadel in 10 and 25 man. i have not downed any bosses in plague wing in 25 man. in 10 man i have experience with all plague wing fights. I have seen almost every fight in icecrown played out in 10 and 25 man though because i watch Nevor and Talian from Bad Example, raid. Whenever im on wow im in the same room as them.

im a blood elf mage, arcane. i am considering changing race to a troll because of the extra haste cool down. Berserking would be nice. and increase my dps by alot. My rotation is fairly simple. I arcane blast till 4 stacks and then throw my arcane missiles if missile barrage is proc'ed. if not i throw a arcane barrage to throw off my stacks of arcane blast, so as not to waste mana unecessarily.

im a 450 spellfire tailorer. 375 enchanter. i changed from mining to level enchanting for the ring enchants. only have a couple toc patterns for tailoring. thats it for patterns.

my current gear score is 5583. just received a ring from 25 man marrowgar tonight. I base my gear choice on the stats of the gear. i mainly look for spell power and haste. spell power over haste unless i sac'ed haste on my previous gear upgrade. I gem for spellpower mainly. if the socket bonus isnt worth it and the gem is a blue slot i usually throw in a 23 spell power gem. if its a yellow socket and the socket bonus is worth it. i gem 10 sp 12 haste yellow gem. i never gem straight haste. and usually prefer spell power over haste if im over 750 haste rating.

The raid times work perfect for me Smile

My previous guild was Prodigy. I got into this guild for some fun because i wasnt raiding or even in a guild before. im RL friends with Wizin, so he put in a good word for me to get into the guild as a friend. but now im lookin for a raiding guild to get better gear. Smile

im 19 years old. almost 20. and mature guild chat is a plus.

i am very aware that i am a new recruit and might not get to raid right away. this is fine with me. I am perfectly okay with stepping down to allow room for a person that is needed more then me. i am a team player Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Vålis - 80 arcane mage application   March 3rd 2010, 11:53 pm

Recruited by Lash on March 3rd 2010
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Vålis - 80 arcane mage application
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